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Duraflex - 

Duraflex supply all profile with pre-inserted Q-Lon weatherseal, as standard. Consistently regarded as the world’s best gasket, thanks to its performance across a wide temperature range, its thermal, acoustic and recovery properties, all of which are backed by a lifetime guarantee.


Optima Profile 22 - 

  • Achieves A+ with double glazing
  • Achieves 1.2 W/m²K with double glazing
  • Deeper drainage channels carry water away quickly and improve weather performance
  • Narrower frame for more light and improved solar gain
  • Secure bead system passes security tests without glazing clips and is ready for proposed enhancements to PAS24
  • British Standards Group approved

Liniar - 

The multi-chambered design of the Liniar profile, or window frame, makes it far more energy efficient than other uPVC window suppliers. The EnergyPlus system achieves an A+ energy rating with cost-effective double glazing and has the ability to create a carbon neutral dwelling by adding triple glazing, if required.

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